The central theme of my blog is inspiration. I want to inspire people to try new things, think in new ways, and become better every single day. Each new day hides new opportunities for growth and adventure.

I feel the best way to inspire others is to live by example and share my lessons/experiences with you, the reader. My categories for Mspire will fall into these four main branches.

  • Reflections: Lessons on things I read, conversations I had, and videos I watched.
  • Personal Thoughts: Opinion pieces that cover my philosophy on various topics.
  • Inspiration: Stories overcoming trials and the lessons I’ve learned from them.
  • Letters to ____: These are letters I write to family, friends, or anybody my heart tells me.

These branches are the best way for me to condense my life into palatable forms. This is to me hoping to change your lives for the better.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you are inspired.