Welcome back for the Season 1 FINALE of the Saved AND Woke podcast Episode 10: Job & Justice

“We can’t believe the time has come! Join us as we recap your favorite episodes, talk about what the book of Job has to teach us about God’s justice, and hear a little bit of what Saved AND Woke has in store for the near future, and…

Give yourselves a round of applause! We appreciate you, our listeners. Thanks for rocking with us for a FULL season 😀

And as always, keep the faith, and stay woke!”

Please follow, like, and comment on the Saved AND Woke Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and follow @mr_savedandwoke, @iamdeondraj, and of course, @everythingsmagnificent on IG.

Comment below and tell me your thoughts.  

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