Shine On: Find Your Purpose and Don’t Stop Living It

In the past two weeks, I feel like I have come under many challenges but have evolved more as a person then I ever had. I felt something simple speak to me on what I can and should do with my life. in that process, I’ve decided to share a couple thoughts and the seedsContinue reading “Shine On: Find Your Purpose and Don’t Stop Living It”

New Years/New Start Resolution #6 – Drink Water!

    I can spit out hundreds of facts about water and only scratch the surface. It cleanses your body, pushing out toxins and hazardous materials in the body. It replenishes the body’s organs, especially the brain and acts as bodily medium for all major reactions. Water makes up over  75% of the human body,Continue reading “New Years/New Start Resolution #6 – Drink Water!”

New Years/New Start Resolution #4 – Object in Motion

Probably the TOP New Years Resolution is to lose weight or gain muscle. Hopefully a combination of both. However, people fail most within a few months of the usual goal. There are a few inherent problems with their goals. Too Grand/Too Minuscule Not Specific Enough Unrealistic time-frames Faulty/Bad Planning Inflexibility to Change Lacks Follow-through

Unknown Impact

“Sometimes the people whom we’ve known for only a short amount of time have a bigger impact on us than those we’ve known forever.”  – Unknown Reflecting on recent events in my life, I was thinking about how to make a difference. But, one issue came up. We each have our own idea of whatContinue reading “Unknown Impact”