Democracy off the Rails

Wednesday started off in a positive note in the midst of the maelstrom of heartache and headache that the past year has been for a black person living in 45’s America. For those unplugged, yesterday Doug Jones won Alabama’s Senate seat after a highly contested battle against Roy Moore.

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My personal schedule has been hellacious recently managing classes, personal health, and writing. I have about six posts that I’ve started and not finished that are things I just desire to express myself on. So, I pledge to continue to post as often as I can. The most relevant today is the protest, my good brother, Colin Kaepernick started in fall of 2016.

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Week One and Personal Time

Quick Update: I am exhausted mentally and am taking some time off to process and pray. Everything that has been going on in the news recently has been wearing me down. President Luthor’s first week has been such a roller coaster.

Here’s a “short” video detailing all of his actions.

With that said, I’m going to recharge mentally and come back with a lot of great pieces.

Please be safe out there. Remember, you all are loved, valued, and matter. We all matter! Peace and prosperity! I should be back in a few days.


In Honor of Martin

In honor of Martin Luther King’s Birthday, I wanted to write something about MLK’s legacy. I found myself at a lost for words from the mere scope of who he was as a man. So much can be said about his legacy and even the way his legacy has been used since his death. Many of his most poignant thoughts and speeches have been lost to the public, shrouded behind the magnificence of the legendary, “I Have A Dream” Speech. I wanted to share a short clip of him that got me thinking. (I’ve been to┬áthe Mountaintop) Continue reading “In Honor of Martin”