Reader’s Choice: The Lego Batman Movie – The Best Batman Movie in Years

We live in an era where every movie and franchise through time is being given a gritty reboot, shot completely in shades of black, teal, and orange with shaky cam and lens flare. The series that started this change has now taken a new form, Legos, and the Dark Knight rises again!! [Note: This post is spoiler-free but I do recommend you seeing it.]

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Greatness Ahead



Today, I had planned to post probably three different posts but this one motivated me to write and I decided to share. This will hopefully allow me to go deeper and give more into my writing. For the record. I love comic books. I love the color, the art, the different story-lines and the vivid detail put into each panel. I love how the stories can be so engrossing and vast while still managing to connect on some level to the most basic of lifestyle. In fact, my best friend and I worked on a comic all throughout high school that I still keep today. Today’s inspiration comes from a panel of DC Comic’s Action Comics Issue 6 , which contains my favorite comic superhero of all time, Superman.

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