Small Things Change Minds

After last week and reflecting on Male Privilege, I have really started to examine myself in many ways. Which biases do I still need to work on and how do I process these lessons in a more holistic way? My moral has been that you must be uncomfortable to grow, so I must place myself in those environments to grow.

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The Day my Heroes fell from the Sky

Note: No Superman slander formed against me shall prosper.

I remember the night that my entire perspective on life changed. At this one moment, I was no longer the wide-eyed kid from Detroit. I no longer felt the ability to complain about life and the injustices that I faced while growing up. I tried to pinch myself, praying that I was having a really strange dream. But, I wasn’t. I was wide awake, and not really knowing what to say or do. Childhood officially ended and at this moment, I became a man. There I was, 26 years old, consoling my mother over childhood problems she held on to for 50 years. Continue reading “The Day my Heroes fell from the Sky”