Wonder Woman: the DC Movie I’ve Been Waiting for (Spoiler Free Movie Review)

I’ve only touched on comics with The Lego Batman Movie and a few random panels from occasional Superman comics, but I am a HUGE fan of comics. I am a much larger fan of DC than Marvel for personal reasons but I completely respect what Marvel has done for the genre. Last night I saw Wonder Woman, and loved it.

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War Room (Movie Reflection)

As a subtle but not so subtle transition, I spoke about all types of relationships except the one that is most important to me, God. All this week is inspired by my exploration of my relationship with God. I wasn’t able to see The Shack yet, so let’s talk about a surprise enjoyment, War Room instead.

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Reader’s Choice: The Lego Batman Movie – The Best Batman Movie in Years

We live in an era where every movie and franchise through time is being given a gritty reboot, shot completely in shades of black, teal, and orange with shaky cam and lens flare. The series that started this change has now taken a new form, Legos, and the Dark Knight rises again!! [Note: This post is spoiler-free but I do recommend you seeing it.]

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Moana, family, and leaving home

I saw Disney’s Moana today and cried. If you have not seen it yet, I recommend a good Google search, dollar theater, or getting it the moment it comes to a Red Box near you. It was everything I possibly could have hoped for from a modern Disney movie and more. It had a more mature tone, action, funny anthropomorphic entities, and NO PRINCE love story thrown in the last-minute. I found myself relating to Moana more than any other Disney character since Aladdin the animated series.

Note: This is not a movie review. This is a reflection/response. Only the slightest early spoilers that a Google search would ruin are included. If you want to see the movie fresh, check this post out later.

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